UPDATE! God is doing BIG things at LFDM

PhaseTwo_God's HeartFor lfdm

Hey everyone and welcome back! I am sorry that I did not post on Friday and Saturday! I took the time to go to a worship conference with my churches worship team and man was it worth it. God breathed new life into me and the dream and passion that lead me to start this website. We are working and partnering with a church in Jamacia to help them with their school and outreach goals along with wanting to start our own local non-forprofit that will focus on mentoring and disciplining at risk youth and any youth in need of a positive influence in their lives. We would do this through after school programs and local service initiatives that will emphasize contribution to society and culture leadership qualities in today’s youth for tomorrow’s world. We are pushing to finally get our video equipment for our video blog series and have partnered with Resolute band for our worship initiative as well.

Branching into a non-for-profit branch has been a dream of mine since 2010 after I left Breakaway Outreach in TN. I moved home to help my parents and so I started to dream. I never took action due to so many reasons. The enemy fought me tooth and nail but I am no longer giving him that satisfaction. I am moving forward and claiming victory in the name of Jesus. If you would like to help in this dream and vision you can check out my fundraising site at this link. I hope that you will join me on this journey with either prays for financial support or both.

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