New Editor!! Also some other news

Hey, everyone! My wife has finally joined them team to edit my posts! It looks like you will now see less grammatical errors here on Letters From a Dead Man! I am sure that some of you will be happy about that!

I wanted to also really quick ask you all to share my posts with people who you think need them. Sharing on social media is fantastic! Also if you haven’t yet subscribed via email I really think you should! Not only will you get all of my blog posts andDaily Devos sent straight to you, you will also get the new monthly newsletter/magazine in pdf format as well! This is a new project that we are working on here at LFDM and we are looking forward to the challenge.  We will also try and post some current events that are faith-based as well. Not to mention some limited edition shirts that will be sold via our website and email subscribers will get first dibs! So share and lets spread some fun and the gospel!


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