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Luke 18:13

“God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

There are times when we tend to get a little judgemental on other people. The bible tells us to go to our brother or sister in Christ and let them know of their sin lovingly. But what is our motivation for pointing out sin? Is it to let that person know you’re better? Or is it out of deep care and love for that person that we reach out and minister God’s Word?

Sometimes we need to remember that Jesus sets our standard of holiness, so we shouldn’t compare our sins to the sins of others. Now that truth may be hard to swallow for some of us. Sometimes our judgmental attitude and spiritual pride are no better than the sin that we may be complaining about.


In Luke 18, Jesus shared a parable about two men approaching the temple to pray in very different ways (vv. 9–14). Like the Pharisee, we can become trapped in a circle of comparing ourselves to other people. We can boast about ourselves (vv. 11–12) and live as though we have the right to judge and the responsibility or the power to change others.

But when we look to Jesus as our example of holy living and encounter His goodness firsthand, like the tax collector, our desperate need for God’s grace is magnified (v. 13). As we experience the Lord’s loving compassion and forgiveness personally, we’ll be forever changed and empowered to expect and extend mercy, not condemnation, to others.

Tomorrow join us as we go deeper into our Consider the Source devotional! Saturday we will also have another installment of our LOTR devotionals as well! As always I pray you are blessed in everything that you do


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