Daily Devo 4/20/17


Genisis 3:9

“The Lord God called…’where are you?'”

As children, we love our parents and we enjoy being with them, until our name is said loudly and sternly, followed by the question, “Where are you?” When our parents would do that, usually followed by a middle name, we are being called because we have been into some mischief and were trying to hide from mom and dad. But I want my son or daughter to listen to my voice because I’m concerned about his well-being and do not want him to get hurt.

Adam and Eve were used to hearing God’s voice in the garden. However, after they disobeyed Him by eating the forbidden fruit, they hid from Him! Rewind a bit, they just hid from the dude who made all the good hiding spots, right? I mean God would know everything about the garden, He would have insider info on all the choice hide and seek spots. When they heard Him calling, “Where are you?” (Gen. 3:9) they didn’t want to face God because they knew they had done something wrong—something He had told them not to do (v. 11).

When God called for Adam and Eve and found them in the garden, His words did include correction and consequence (vv. 13–19). But God also showed them kindness and gave them hope for mankind in the promise of the Savior (v. 15).

God doesn’t have to look for us. He knows where we are and what we are trying to hide. But as a loving Father, He wants to speak to our hearts and bring us forgiveness and restoration. He longs for us to hear His voice—and to listen.



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