Daily Devo 4/17/17

Daily Devo Blog(1)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! He is risen, He is risen indeed! I am glad to be back at the screen and doing the daily devotionals again! Man, it is just so good to sit down and just read and study the Word of God.

Luke 5:13

“Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man.”

This versus reminds me of a story I read once. Commuters on a Canadian Metro train witnessed a heart-moving conclusion to a tense moment. They watched as a 70-year old woman gently reached out and offered her hand to a young man whose loud voice and disturbing words were scaring other passengers. The lady’s kindness calmed the man who sank to the floor of the train with tears in his eyes. He said, “Thanks, Grandma,” stood up, and walked away. The woman later admitted to being afraid. But she said, “I’m a mother and he needed someone to touch.” While better judgment might have given her reason to keep her distance, she took a risk of love.

During Easter, we read many stories and accounts of Jesus. In almost all of them we can see how He reached out a touched those around Him. Jesus came to bring God to man and for the heart of God to touch the heart of man. How much more should we then model that way of life? Even the people who no one wanted to touch or be near, Jesus came near and reached out to those around Him that hurt.

Jesus understood and still understands such compassion. He didn’t side with the fears of the crowd when a desperate man, full of leprosy, showed up begging to be healed. Neither was He helpless as other religious leaders were—men who could only have condemned the man for bringing his leprosy into the village (Lev. 13:45–46). Instead, Jesus reached out to someone who probably hadn’t been touched by anyone for years, and healed him.

Thankfully, for that man and for us, Jesus came to offer what no law could ever offer—the touch of His hand and heart.

Amen and amen.


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