Daily Devo 4/15/17

Daily Devo Blog(1)

Let me take a moment to just say that there will be no Daily Devo for Sundays! I encourage you all to get involved with a local church and have fellowship with the body!

John 12:3

“Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair.”

Here we see a beautiful story of a woman who knew what it meant to be in the presence of God. She knew that pouring out her best for God was the only response. How to worship the one true King. Not only that but she then wiped his feet with her hair, her hair, I am not sure how many people would wash anyone’s feet with their own hair.

Not only did Mary sacrifice what may have been her life’s savings, she also sacrificed her reputation. In first-century Middle Eastern culture, respectable women never let down their hair in public. But true worship is not concerned about what others think of us (2 Sam. 6:21–22). To worship Jesus, Mary was willing to be thought of as immodest, perhaps even immoral.

Whoa, pause right there. How many of you are ready to pledge to be that? For the world to see you as something despisable? Let’s get real for a moment and just say it if you believe in Christ, and I mean really believe in him the world already sees you as despisable. So are we ready for that? Can you withstand that? Christ did…for and me.

Some of us may feel pressured to be perfect when we go to church so that people will think well of us. Metaphorically speaking, we work hard to make sure we have every hair in place. But a healthy church is a place where we can let down our hair and not hide our flaws behind a mask of perfection. In church, we should be able to reveal our weaknesses to find strength rather than conceal our faults to appear strong.

Worship doesn’t involve behaving as if nothing is wrong; it’s making sure everything is right—right with God and with one another. When our greatest fear is letting down our hair, perhaps our greatest sin is keeping it up.



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