Life Behind…and yes that’s a pun…kinda?

Cell phone addiction


Let me explain the pun…but first, can I just say that I love puns? I find them absolutely terrible and entertaining at the same time.  Kind of like dad jokes, which I am well versed in by the way. BUT the pun above is a good one but for a serious issue. Life Behind…Left Behind. Yes, it mildly sounds like I am going to start writing about that one movie that came out a few months ago aimed at youth about the end times…sadly I will not. Maybe at another time, but today, and in this post, I want to talk about phones.

Take a good hard look at that picture above, I want you to explore it as if it was the Mona Lisa. Remember in art class when you were asked what feelings the painting evokes in your soul’s soul…or something like that. I am not quite sure what was ever asked because I am not a fan of art. At least not until I saw the painting titled “Noah the Eve of The Deluge”  *See here* did I ever find an interest in painting. If you haven’t seen this painting in real life…please go see it at the Cleveland Art Museum here in Ohio.

However the picture above, I think, shows something that goes unspoken or noticed in today’s society. Our cell phones are becoming our life. I sit and watch as people sit across the table from one another and play clash of whosits or whatever you’re playing nowadays. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy playing my Fire Emblem game on my iPod and I did play Pokemon Go on my smartphone when I had one. Ask my wife, I use to be addicted to games on my phone. I watch in my home church as people pull out tablets and phones and play games during the sermon. I even have one guy who plays games on both a tablet and phone at the same time. We are disconnectedly connected.

Let me explain that real quick. We have become disconnected with life and reality and replaced it with a connection to the surreal and the fake. Don’t think I am right? Watch the sales of VR sets in the world. Take a moment to step back and watch those around you. At your next gathering of friends for dinner suggest a game. Stack your phones on top of one another on loud. The first one to pick up their phone has to pick up the entire tab. I bet you’ll start to see my point eventually.

The phone has become so ingrained in our lives, that we have left life behind. Instead of enjoying the hike or service, we Instagram about it. Instead of making jokes with one or two people who will understand it, we snapchat it and make people feel left out. Everything revolves around the smartphone. We are plugged into the smartphone and it has become the lens through which we see the world. We have effectively left life behind to take up the life of the tiny screens.

Recently I gave up my huge, expensive, and noisy LG V20. I now carry a sleek and super basic BlackBerry knock off made by AT&T. When most people see my phone they kind of wrinkle their noses without even meaning too. However, I can smile because since doing so I have experienced life to a much fuller degree. Also, I found out how much of an idol our smartphones and smart devices can silently become. We need to take a step back and think about what’s important in our lives. Is it the photos that Steve took of his lunch that day, or is it God’s call on your life and the people and things around you?

For me this answer was easy. My wife, my ministry, and my life of joy was, by far, much more important. So I stopped using a smartphone and living a pretend life and just started living my life…that I had left behind. (life behind…eh…you get it now?) I encourage you to think about this and I hope that I have at least got you thinking. I challenge you to just unplug from your phones and social media for a month for a nice little cleanse. Share with me your thoughts and experiences with this through the contact form on my site. I would love to hear from all of you!

As always be blessed!

Yours in Christ,

Nathan Harvey


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