Daily Devo 4/6/17


“One my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night. Becuase you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings”

Psalms 63:6-7

Dawson Trotman, a dynamic Christian leader of the mid-twentieth century and founder of The Navigators, emphasized the importance of the Bible in the life of every Christian. Trotman ended each day with a practice he called “His Word the last word.” Before going to sleep he meditated on a memorized Bible verse or passage, then prayed about its place and influence in his life. He wanted the last words he thought about each day to be God’s words.

In the Psalm above, David writes the same thing sentiment. I wonder if this was written during Davids time of running from Saul. How much must have been going through his mind? Yet still, David would end his days just thinking about God. How peaceful during the storm of life that must have been for him. In our lives, we should do the same. I would dare to say that having God’s words as the last you hear in the day would be a comfort. How much better would our outlook be in the morning knowing what God had said before?

I challenge you and myself to start reading just a little blurb of God’s Word every night. Let us start the change inside our own souls.

The Spirit of God renews our minds when we meditate on the Word of God.


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