In Every Story…


So today as I was staring at my screen trying to figure out what to write, it hit me that in every aspect of life we have dry spells. This can be in writing, in speaking, in loving, in feeling love, and in…well…everything. Sometimes we feel such a profound emptiness that we say, “surely God isn’t in this place right now.” But that’s just it, there is only God in that place. God is in everything, in the middle of the storm when all rages around you, there He is.

You see, we so often decide that when we feel nothing that we then must blindly and numbly go through each day as if it truly doesn’t matter. We lose sight that in every step, and every chance meeting God is the one who has brought us to it. Just recently when I was teaching my young adult class we read a verse that said that we get to see things that the angels desire to see. That blew my mind, that the dudes who hang out with the big guy desire to see things that we get access to daily.

Yesterday I was reading about David and Goliath. Now here a young boy went to check on his brothers for his father and ended up before the king because he called out some older men. We talk about how he slays the giant with his stones and wins the day BUT we skim over exactly what David said before going out there. He told the king that before he stood before Saul that he had killed a bear and a lion. THIS WAS A YOUNG BOY! He gave the glory to God as well….God’s name was all over his story. The story goes on and gives the weights of Goliaths weapons and armor. We are talking about over 200lbs of gear. Just his coat of scales was 125lbs. His spear HEAD was 15lbs. David walks right up and tells this giant of a man that God had delivered a lion and a bear into his hands, and he will deliver you as well. Then David slew Goliath with a stone. Just one.

In this story and in others we can hear, if we listen closely enough, the name of God. But if we listen to our lives, even when all seems empty and devoid of the divine, we can hear God’s name. In everything that we do, we must understand that it is a God-ordained moment. That He brought us to this or that point for a reason to glorify His name. We must be a generation that is still, and listen for His voice in all things. Usually, when things seem empty that’s when we are being so loud we can’t hear His name.


Yours in Christ,

Nathan Harvey


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