Holy Week Thoughts


Here we are again, getting ready for Easter Eggs hunts and easter services. We are getting our church choirs geared up and trumpets polished. We are creating Facebook invites and little invite cards for our Easter service. We want the world to know that Christ is risen and He is risen indeed! How glorious this time of year is! But why do we not want the world to also see the rest of Holy Week? The somber and serious Ash Wednesday? The sobering Good Friday? Why do we hide the silent serious reflections?

Today young people and the rest of society is looking for something real and personal. They yearn, whether they know it or not, for something real. In our society today nothing is real or personal by the way. Everything is just consumerism and pandering for likes. People desperately try and prove that their lives are happy and good. To the point that they go into massive debt and spiral into depression. Everything is a smoke screen to hide the truth. They, society, want to know the truth. Yes Christ risen and transfigured is the truth, but so is everything He experienced and did before that. So is His betrayal and interrogation. Don’t get me wrong, I love Easter, as a choir director and as a young adult pastor. I love the music and I love the happiness and the joy. But I also love the events leading up to it. I also know that to really, deeply, know the joy and reasons to celebrate I also need to know the story behind the cross.

This is why I am glad that there are churches and a movement currently to focus on Holy Week. Here in my town the churches all get-together. Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Nazarene, Non-Denominational, Black Churches and White Churches, and even one Lutheran church. We come together and each church represented get to have their pastor share what Holy Week means to them and their congregation.

With this in mind, I want you to invite someone to your Good Friday service or your Ash Wednesday service along with Easter.


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