Thoughts When in The Storm

Man going through a storm


There are times in our lives that we find ourselves in the midst of a violent storm. It usually happens we are walking with faith and our way is more narrow than usual. At this moment the enemy comes in like the big bad wolf and tries to blow your house down. He comes stalking like a lion and pounces shaking the precarious path and starts to laugh. Your mind races with thoughts of despair and fear. You begin to lose sight of the path you’ve been walking and you stumble and hit the ground with your knees. It all seems hopeless. It seems dark and disparaging. There is no hope, there is no joy. Then a voice calls out to you, you feel strength flood your body. Gleaming men armed with swords come and battle the storm raging around you. A brilliant white figure comes running at you and grabs hold of you while blocking dark arrows that shine with malevolent hatred. In the presence of this almighty God, you finally feel hope and peace, joy and love come back into your soul. A face looks at you, shining on you, and in a small gentle voice, he commands the storm to cease.

In this glorious moment, we find our faith rewarded and our troubles cease. We find salvation and deliverance. We experience joy and love that knows no bounds! Heaven rejoices and God the Father embraces you as the prodigal son. However, we sometimes don’t like to see the spiritual battle that rages around us all the time. We need to understand that around every person is a fierce battle that rages for their soul. We have the ability to plant a seed that can be watered into a flowering plant of joy and happiness for that person. We can offer them a message of peace and joy, of love and acceptance. Yet instead, we enjoy sitting in our pews at church every Sunday and decide to complain about this or that. At what point do we stop just having church and start to be the church? Food for thought.


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